The Secret of the Starflower AWARD WINNING full color children's chapter book and handmade stuffed toy pattern

Secret of the Starflower is an AWARD-WINNING chapter book that encourages reading through magical full-color illustrations!


Readers' Favorite Illustration Award - Fiction Category

Genre: Fiction

Readers' Favorite Honorable Mention - Children's 4-6 Grade Category

Genre: Children Grade 4th-6th

Readers' Favorite 5 Star Review


The Bookfest - Chapter Books & Overall Design - 1st Place

Chapter Books

The Bookfest - Chapter Books & Overall Design - 1st Place

Overall Design

The Bookfest - Illustration - 2nd Place



Paperbacks available at Clean Slate Coffee House and Center for the Visual Arts!

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The Story:

Sandy’s mixed-up magic makes her different from the other seahorsicorns in Spectra, an enchanted  undersea community. To make matters worse, her unruly rainbow mane attracts scary chomperfish  – and gets her thrown out of the reef! That’s when a powerful current takes her to a secret cave with everything she needs… except a friend. But when she is discovered by a lone adventurer, their pen pal letters expose the truth of her unusual magic. Sandy is faced with a big decision. Should she leave the protection of the cave to save Spectra… and her only friendship?

Join Sandy on this epic adventure, and learn what she chooses to do.


  • Ideal for readers ages 8-12
  • Can be read out loud to ages 6-7


  • Facing your fears
  • Embracing our differences
  • Personal growth
All of us are given special gifts

Click on the image above to make your own seahorse unicorn stuffed animal!  This  pattern makes the perfect handmade gift from the crafty parent or grandparent. Design your own character today!

Or click on the image below to see all official Secret of the Starflower products!

Seahorse Unicorn Stuffy and Swag
five starflower review

What people are saying about Secret of the Starflower

Wausau Mama

Wausau Mama Approved!

“The Secret of the Starflower” is a beautifully illustrated, magical story about the importance of friendship and the power of believing in yourself.

It’s hard to find chapter books for 8-year-olds that have more than just one illustration per chapter, while also having an engaging plot. “The Secret of the Starflower” fits the bill!

Sandy faces many challenges in this book and learns some important lessons. I think many young readers will identify with Sandy’s struggles and will be inspired by her honesty, bravery, and kindness.

I’m hoping there will be future books about Sandy, Scorny, and their adventures in Spectra!

~ Wausau Mama

Touching and creative story! – I received this book as a gift for one of my granddaughters and my other granddaughter was visiting and read it before I had a chance to mail it to her. She absolutely loves it! She insisted on having a copy for herself! It is beautifully written with creativity and the most wonderful detail to emotions and how to deal with them as well as kindness and understanding. I can’t give this book enough praise! It should be a must have for all little to young girls! ~ 5-star Amazon reviewer

 “What a great book! Well thought out. I love the fantasy, the magic and storyline. Kudos to Jessica.” ~ Beta reader & grandmother 


“My superficial impression of it was that it was going to be some girly fluff, which is a real turn off for me, but as I read it, I really appreciate the deeper themes that are being conveyed to readers: facing fears, using fear to propel you forward, finding your innate gifts and learning to use them for good…these are all such important themes!” ~ Critique partner, SCBWI

Storybook spread


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five starflower review

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Jessica Kopecky

Jessica Kopecky

Author - Illustrator, Secret of the Starflower: Rainbow of Spectra

 Author – Illustrator Bio

Depending on when you catch her, Jessica Kopecky is a Graphic Designer, Architectural Photographer, Mural Artist, Illustrator, craft pattern creator, wife and mom. While designing a stuffed toy inspired by her daughter, things got a little out of control until-whoops-she had developed an entire enchanted undersea world… and became an Author-Illustrator in the process.

Author’s Note: As a Christian, I have a creator-centric view of the world. You may notice that perspective represented in this book. Although the God of the Bible is not directly portrayed, the created world and themes of God-given gifts appear throughout. A variety of beta readers of different faith backgrounds have read and enjoyed Secret of the Starflower: Rainbow of Spectra for its storyline and entertainment value.