All Jessica Kopecky Design SVG’s come with Cricut Design Space instructions.  Read on for more detailed tips and success strategies regarding the downloadable patterns available with all my Etsy pattern downloads.
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Pattern Size
Each file has been designed for a certain size shirt (ex’s: adult male, female, kids).  A resize note is included in the Etsy description.  There may even be additional notes within the provided Cricut Design Space instructions (ex: if the image is highly detailed, the size should not be reduced).

Multiple Colors

Several patterns use more than one iron-on color.  Use only like material for best results, such as glitter + glitter iron on, etc.  While in the Design space, select like colors and weld as outlined in the instructions.  
To select the layers on a PC, hold down the CTRL key while selecting each layer with the mouse.  
To select the layers on a Mac, hold down the COMMAND key while selecting each layer with the mouse.  
When all the layers of the same color are selected, click the Weld button.  This will put all the same-color elements in proper relation to each other when the program separates colors onto mats.
Multiple-color designs are conveniently wrapped up into one SVG file as opposed to multiple files with one color each.  This allows the entire image to be resized proportionately if the image must be scaled, keeping all elements/colors to the appropriate size in relationship with each other.
Materials  //  All Jessica Kopecky Design SVG’s have been tested in real life.  For best results, use the same materials as shown/described in the Etsy listing photos, Etsy description and instructions.
Cutting //  If the design doesn’t appear correctly on your computer when separating onto the cutting mats (after you click “Make It”), DO NOT PROCEED with the cut.  This will lead to wasted material.  Close all web browsers where Cricut Design Space is open, open a new session and create a New Project.  Cricut Design Space is a web-based program and may revert to old caches if the file has been overworked.  Most of the time the file will work properly when Design Space is restarted.  If you are experiencing Cricut tech issues, visit the Cricut Help web page for support.

Layout / Ironing

Layout Tip 1:  On a standard t-shirt, place the top of the pattern 4 fingers down from the collar.
Layout Tip 2:  On a V-neck shirt, place the top of the pattern 1″ from the collar.
Layout Tip 3:  When creating a multiple color shirt, temporarily stick the layers together to account for all elements of the design before ironing.  DO NOT iron multiple layers at the same time.

In this photo, the iron-on materials are temporarily stuck together so the whole layout can be assessed prior to ironing.  This prevents poor positioning, which may occur if only one shirt color is accounting for before ironing.  DO NOT iron the layers when they are laid out like this.  Remove the top layers first and add them after the bottom layers have been ironed on.

After the initial base layer has been ironed on, glitter Iron-on can be ironed directly onto glitter iron on.