There are times when you’ll start something and truly lose interest.  The passion is no longer there, or you are simply distracted by something else.  However, it is important to stay in the habit of finishing work. Lack of finished work can be indicative of a different issue – fear of judgement.

It is impossible for judgmental people to finish artwork.  Or anything.  Because they view the world with judgmental eyes, they presume that others operate the same way and they are unwilling to put themselves in a position of being judged.  When you allow yourself to leave too many pieces undone, you are spiraling toward this mindset.

When you don’t finish what you start, you aren’t holding yourself accountable.  In your mind, you may be protecting yourself.  After all, when something isn’t finished, how could someone else truly form an opinion about it (ie – YOU).  What person evolves when there is nothing to hold them accountable?  Don’t allow yourself to be lazy and discompassionate.  If this practice were to seep into other aspects of your life, what kind of person would you be?

Release yourself from the fear of judgement.  You can’t escape it, because you will always look at your past creations and feel that you have improved.  There is no shame in it, because you are never done growing.  Finish it.  Judge it.  Judge yourself, face your fears and grow.