Creating art is the same as solving any problem.

Beginning a work of art, taking a new journey, learning a new skill – all can be represented by the blank slate.  A seasoned artist has reassurance from past experience that the process is worthwhile.  The beginner doesn’t have this insight.  

However, there are times when even the seasoned artist struggles with the blank slate.  Indeed it can be scary despite our experience.  It represents an overwhelming obstacle when we forget to chunk the task down step by step.  This is essential – to remember that the answers are not all found before you start, but along the way.

Also, at any level of experience you may or may not be comfortable with what the blank slate exposes in terms of skill.  But if you are willing to proceed regardless, you will address yourself right where you are.  Although awkward at first, with every stroke you rewrite your past and create a new present and future.  Once you come through to the other side, you will have gained perspective, skill, and muscle memory.