It doesn’t matter how domesticated your life is, you are secretly wild. You have a hidden weapon underneath your deeply sacred daily routine. This is often revealed the moment danger strikes and you are rocked down to your foundation. When you are reduced to only your faith and animal survival instincts, that’s when WILD appears – helping you navigate through life and its events like the dense, unforgivable jungle that it is. Death of a loved one, betrayal, physical hardship, depression, unemployment, or even any positive life change will disturb your long-held plans and vision. Hills and valleys, joy and struggles, victories and defeats – life is a safari and you bring the wild. You may fortify your ivory tower all you wish but it won’t shield you from danger. WILD comes from the inside out. Wherever you are, your platform must launch you into further discovery.  Giving in to a life of comfort and complacency leads to a living death. Life can not be tamed. Own it, embrace it; be WILD.