Create a felt ornament or Christmas decoration using this Peace on Earth dove and peace sign pattern, designed for use on the Cricut® Maker.

A cut file is available for download on my Etsy page.  Cricut Design Space computer instructions follow the assembly instructions. 

These are pretty easy to put together, but I do recommend checking the instructions before proceeding with assembly.

 Dove body and wings, peace sign and ornament front and back
DMC embroidery floss colors to match the ornament color, beige, light green (320), green (520) and dark green (500) – Note: I prefer to use three strands most of the time
 Dove body and wings, peace sign and circular background
 4″ embroidery hoop
DMC embroidery floss colors beige, light green (320), green (520) and dark green (500) – Note: I prefer to use three strands most of the time
Clear beads and multi-color sequins
Thread, size 10 beading needle, size 7 or larger embroidery needle
Sewing pins and scissors
Poly-fil or cotton ball
Cricut® Maker, rotary blade & fabric grip mat


To start, I used sewing pins to position the peace sign onto the center.  Using a running stitch, I tacked the peace sign down.  This prevented the shape from traveling as I added embroidery details.  

Then I added the green (520) to make pine needles on the peace sign wreath.  I covered most of the peace sign cut out, leaving some breathing room in between the stitches.  

Next I added the dark green (500) to fill in some of the spaces that were showing.  This added some nice contrast.  It also allowed me to add some variation to the outer edge of the peace sign, which made it look more like a wreath.  I did the same thing with the light green (320) floss to add highlights.  

After the peace sign was covered, I added the dove body and wings.  I stuffed the bottom wing with a little poly fil before closing it up.  I sewed a small eye onto the face, then sewed on the body on and added a bit of poly fil to that before closing it up. 

I simply tacked the top and bottom of the remaining wing to the body and the background.  Prior to that though, I made sure both wings matched each other by stitching a useless stitch just for aesthetics to the outer edge. 😀

After the dove was sewn on, I used a combination of chain and backstitches to create an olive branch.  Then I sewed on multi-colored sequins with clear beads to look like lights.  At this point, the embroidery hoop decoration was done.   

There was couple more steps on the ornament.  I blanket-stitched the front and back together and filled it with poly-fil.  At the top of the ornament, I used the notch at the top to sew in three strands of embroidery floss and create a braid for hanging.   


Cricut Design Space Instructions


  • Open Cricut Design Space.
  • Click on New Project.
  • Click the Upload button, then click Upload Image.
  • Drag and drop to upload dovepeacedecoration.svg, dovepeaceornament.svg OR click Browse and navigate to the file, then click Open. Click Save.
  • Click the image, then click Insert Images.
  • Click Make It.
  • The layers will automatically separate onto separate mats based on color.  Click Continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to select your material – FELT.
  • Click on Edit Tools on the far right side of the screen, then select the ROTARY BLADE and click Continue.
  • Insert the fabric grip mat with felt into your machine to cut out your Peace Dove ornament or decoration pieces!